illustrator & textile designer

  • exercise books

    Artwork for the 13th UNESCO CREATIVE CITIES NETWORK ANNUAL CONFERENCE in Fabriano, Italy.

    The project EXerciseBOOKS/Esercizi di artigianato within “THE NOISE OF ART, when Art gets its hands dirty”, proposes a vision of traditional and contemporary artistic craftsmanship through the perspective of ILLUSTRATION.

    This exhibition is attended by 26 artisans from the Marche region, each of them with their own inclination and competence, in dialogue with a series of illustrated works.
    For a comparison between past and present, between techniques and styles, 12 illustrators, in their own way, impulsive and organic, have portrayed the mood and atmosphere of today’s artisan universe. As artisans give a physical consistency to their ideas so the ‘notebook’ will give physical support to the illustration that represents them, with the advantage of sharing experiences with a multiform audience.